Crude Oil

Atlas Trading is a prominent crude oil trader with established relationships and offtake agreements with major producers across the globe, supplying refineries in a multitude of regions. With a wide range of logistics, storage and investment capabilities available to us, we efficiently manage all stages of the trading process from purchasing and transportation to storage, deal structuring and financing, and delivery.

We are committed to continuously diversifying our crude oil portfolio by sourcing new grades and blends to meet the most sophisticated requirements of refiners.


Refined Oil roducts

Combining the profound international energy trading expertise of our team with extensive presence in the oil & gas industry, the market knowledge and impeccable business reputation, Atlas Trading provides the most efficient trading solutions when it comes to moving the refined oil products from the areas of surplus to where they are mostly needed.

We trade a wide variety of refined products including a diverse range of petroleum and petrochemical products on a global scale ensuring logistics efficiency and sustainable operations throughout our complex multimodal supply chain from upstream to midstream.


Lubricants & Grease

Responding to growing demand from the global manufacturing industries for high quality lubricants, Atlas Trading works closely with manufacturers of all sizes including marine and automotive producers, to meet their needs by offering a full range of lubricating fluids, oils and greases.

We stay on the cutting edge of the lubrication technology and source from the most advanced and innovative product developers ensuring that the manufacturers get the technologically advanced products of the highest quality that would allow them to improve productivity, reduce costs and eventually increase business efficiency.



Coal is an integral part of our energy commodity trading portfolio. Atlas Trading keeps abreast of the changing requirements and power generation needs of the coal consuming companies including in such industries as steel, cement and paper. We have built trusted business partner relationships with the major coal suppliers, and we act quickly and with confidence to ensure our customers get coal in the right quantity and of the required quality in a timely, reliable and secure way.



Atlas Trading is engaged in international firewood trading and has developed solid business relationships with an extensive network of firewood suppliers.

Our dedicated team is able to quickly address the individual needs of our customers in the most professional and reliable manner. We offer tailored firewood trading solutions with wise consideration of the appropriate delivery terms and the required weight, volume and lot types.